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Full Stack Web application
What components are included:

This demo use real-time open data provided by Korea Government as previous picture. Backend server collect open data, and store data in local database. The collected data(Big data) will be processed for useful utilization in various fields.

● Frontend admin template : ngx-admin powered by Akveo
● Backend service : Loopback framework powered by IBM
● Open Data : Korea Open Data powered by Korean Gov.
● SDKs for connection between frontend and Backend developed by INTOARA
● Proxy & web server : Nginx
● Database : NOSQL(MongoDB)
● Message broker : RabbitMQ (Optional)
● Angular 6+ & Typescript & Node v11+
● Bootstrap 4+ & SCSS
● Other components : AG-GRID, EChart, AMCHAT...

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Administrator dashboard mobile application based on Ionic, Angular and Loopback for IoT, smart factory and smart farming

Features & Application fields:

Web application based on angular/loopback framework provide various features and benefits like dedicated application. As described in top image, full stack web application package largely consist of frontend and backend service. Frontend is developed by angular framework, and Backend service is developed by loopback framework. User can easily maintain all services because of using same code base (typescript/javascript).


● Various template based on bootstrap and SCSS
● Responsive web interface for PC, mobile and various devices
● Support for multiplatform based on single source package
● Easy maintenace based on HTML, CSS and javascript

Interactive/Dynamic Application

● Dynamic and event-base update data based on
● Support for realtime PUSH, Alert and Alarm
● Extension using WebGL, WebRTC and latest web technology

Application Fields

● Smart factory for control/monitoring production, machine and safety
● Smart traffic tracing bus/taxi route and monitoring traffic
● Smart farming controlling facilities and using big data
● Control center software for IoT, plant and various fields